About The Youth

Joy Family Youth is the young adult ministry for CCI Joy family church. The group is all about Christ Jesus! We create an atmosphere where every believer can grow in faith, service, character, and relationships and be part of something bigger than ourselves. We have 60 members in our ministry between the ages of 18 to 34 years categorized as youths. The youth ministry is led by Simon Kinyanjui, and Pastor Gatu is accountable for all activities in the youth ministry. We get to fellowship together, serve each other and grow in the knowledge of Christ in ways that enrich the body of Christ. We are a lovely and lively cohesive team made up of people from all walks of life. We believe that there is a place and a space for everyone to play a role, make a difference and be a vessel of God.  We have a youth Pastor, Pastor Gatu, who shepherds and provides spiritual leadership to the youth 

Joy Family Church Youth

The Youth Year 2022

Youth Meetings

We meet every Tuesday in the church sanctuary between 6 and 7pm to fellowship together. Some of the activities we engage in during the weekly meetings include: Bible Study series, prayers, fellowships, debates, Bible trivia, home visits, monthly cake cutting (to celebrate birthdays) among other spiritually enriching and exciting activities. We also hold biannual relationship lessons (Love right series) that run over a period of 2 months, facilitated by our very own youth Pastor. In these sessions we get to discuss about Christian dating, courtship, engagement, praying for your future spouse and how to have a godly relationship leading to holy matrimony.

The Youth Key Roles

The Youth Impact on the Church


Additional Activities