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The Attributes Of A Disciple

By: Prof. Kimani

Here's a summary of the sermon

The sermon focuses on the attributes of a disciple

  1. A disciple has a personal relationship with the master: Jesus emphasized the importance of discipleship and called His followers to deny themselves, take up their cross daily, and follow Him. A disciple is one who has a personal relationship with Jesus, identifies themselves with Him, and makes Him the priority in their life.
  2. A disciple bears fruit: Jesus stated that bearing much fruit brings glory to the Father and demonstrates that one is His disciple. The fruit referred to here represents the visible evidence of a transformed life, the impact of one's faith, and the positive influence on others.
  3. A disciple loves: Jesus commanded His disciples to love one another as He had loved them. Love is a defining characteristic of discipleship and serves as a powerful testimony to the world. It surpasses other virtues and should be expressed not only in words but also in actions.
  4. A disciple is disciplined: Discipline is essential in the life of a disciple. It involves pursuing God, spending regular time in communion with Him, and making choices that align with His will. Discipline helps disciples grow spiritually, remain focused, and overcome obstacles in their journey of faith.
  5. A disciple listens to, learns from, and obeys God: The passage from Isaiah highlighted how Jesus, as the Messiah, listened and learned from God the Father. Similarly, disciples should have attentive ears to hear God's voice, learn from His teachings, and obediently follow His guidance. They should prioritize God's Word and seek His direction in their lives.

The sermon encouraged believers to cultivate these attributes in their lives to deepen their discipleship and reflect the transformative power of Christ. By maintaining a personal relationship with Jesus, bearing fruit, demonstrating love, practising discipline, and listening to and obeying God, disciples can grow in their faith and become effective witnesses for Christ.

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