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A Man After God's Own Heart

By: Elder Charles Wandeto

Here's a summary of the sermon

  1. In Acts 13:20, God gave the Israelites judges until they requested a king.
  2. After King Saul, God gave the Israelites King David, whom God testified was a man after His own heart because he would do everything God wanted him to do.
  3. David was supposed to build a house for the Lord, but the Lord said that Solomon his son would build a temple for the Lord.
  4. In 1 Samuel 16:4-11, Samuel was sent to anoint a king, and David was chosen even though he was despised by his family and was small and out in the fields looking after his father's sheep.
  5. Human beings normally judge by outward appearance, but God looks at the heart.
  6. In Romans 14:14, Apostle Paul cautions us from judging someone else's servant.
  7. After David was anointed, he went back to tend his father's sheep, but Samuel ordered him to come and he was appointed to entertain King Saul.
  8. When David heard someone defying the army of the living God, he decided to take action and present his victories to King Saul to make him believe he would fight Goliath.
  9. King Saul responded to David's proposal and clothed him with protective clothing, but David removed the clothes and put his trust in the Lord.
  10. Even though David knew he would be the king, he was always on the run from Saul, who wanted to kill him because of his successes.
  11. God saved David from King Saul even though he was close to killing him, and David didn't harm Saul because he was anointed by God.
  12. The reasons why God said David was a man after His own heart are that David had immense faith in God, was humble, repentant, and obedient to God's instructions.

Scripture References

  • Acts 13:20
  • 1 Samuel 16:4-11
  • Romans 14:14

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