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Family Under Siege

By: Prof. Kamau Ngamau

Here's a summary of the sermon

The passage from 2 Timothy highlights the challenges faced by families in the current age and how the devil tries to destroy families in order to destroy the church. The passage notes that in the last days, people will have a form of godliness but deny its power, which could be interpreted as people claiming to be religious or spiritual but not living out their beliefs in their actions.

The passage also mentions some of the vices that are destroying families, including domestic violence, drug and substance abuse, and addiction to betting. These issues can lead to discord and a breakdown in relationships within families. The government has tried to regulate betting, but addiction remains a significant problem.

The passage from 1 Samuel highlights the consequences of a family being under siege. Eli's sons engaged in wicked behavior, and Eli was held responsible for not addressing the problem. God punished Eli, and his death is attributed to the removal of the ark of the covenant from his area.

The recommendation for parents to read a book on smart parenting and to make sure their children understand the reasons behind the instructions they are given is a practical one. It emphasizes the importance of raising moral and responsible children who will make good choices as they grow up.

The examples of Nehemiah and Ezra serve as positive role models who had a clear focus on serving the Lord and doing His will. These passages highlight the importance of moral leadership and the impact it can have on families and society as a whole.

Scripture References

  • 2 Timothy 3:1-5
  • 1 Samuel 12:12

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