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Economic Empowerment Seminar

By: George Wachiuri (Optiven CEO)

Here's a summary of the sermon

Wealth creation is at the heart of successful business development. However, there are many different mindsets and approaches that can be helpful in achieving this goal. One of the most important is empowerment, which gives people a sense of control over their own destiny. When they feel empowered, they are more likely to take action and start building wealth.

In this seminar, George Wachiuri (Optiven CEO) discusses the concept of empowerment and how it relates to business development. He also explores ways to empower people and organizations through education, mentorship, and other means.

The ultimate goal is to enable people to build wealth in a way that works best for them. By empowering individuals as well as companies, we can create a more prosperous world together.

The 5 P's of success

  1. Prayer
  2. Passion
  3. Positive mental attitude
  4. Perspiration (hard work)
  5. People - people buy people Network is the net worth

How to stand out in a crowd

  1. Cultivate your emotional intelligence (I.E)
  2. Be response-able (Fast to respond)
  3. Be kind to everyone - Even people you don't know.
  4. Be inspirational, and encourage others. - Who inspires you?


  1. Be a master collaborator, and team player, and make others look good. (People remember how you made them feel. )

What it takes to build a business empire

  1. Consistency
  2. Commitment - Where there is a commitment there is room for expansion - people to what you inspect
  3. Discipline on - Finances, hiring (Don't hire people you can't fire like relative, be diverse, Cash flow
  4. Healthy relationships with your customers and staff.

How to market your business - Find a mentor(s)

  1. They help you grow faster,
  2. They are the source of knowledge,
  3. Help you to set goals and be accountable,
  4. They offer encouragement, help make connections,
  5. Help you move from one step to another,
  6. Constructive feedback.

6 Basic Actions to Manage Your Business When You Are In a Career

  1. Hire the right people
  2. Have good systems
  3. Let your business be visible
  4. Network and collaborate with an influencer
  5. Promote your products at Events/Conferences


Scripture References

  • Build an emergency fund » Gen 41:34-36 2.
  • Set your priorities » Prov 24:27 3.
  • Make a budget » Luke 14:28-30 4.
  • Diversify your investments » Ecclesiastes 11:2 5.
  • Reduce risks as you age » Ecclesiastes 5:13-14 6.
  • Make financial plans » Prov 21:5

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