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Disciple Of Jesus Christ

By: Elder Catherine

Here's a summary of the sermon

In this sermon, the speaker discusses the concept of a disciple of Jesus, which is defined as a learner or pupil of a teacher who accepts the views and practices of that teacher. The followers of Christ and the 12 apostles are commonly referred to as disciples, and collectively they represent the body of believers. The key point is the acceptance of the practices of Jesus Christ, which leads to true transformation that is reflected in practical Christian living.

The speaker references several passages from the Bible to explain the conditions of being a true disciple of Jesus. These conditions include faithfulness, allegiance, and loyalty to Jesus and his teachings, which will set us free. Self-denial and cross-bearing are also essential to being a true disciple, and sometimes this means denying ourselves to the point of death.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of total surrender to Jesus and loving him more than ourselves and our families. This requires calculating the cost of being a disciple and being willing to give up everything to follow Jesus. Finally, fruitfulness is also a condition for being a true disciple, as we should bear fruits for the glory of God and submit ourselves to his teaching. Our faith in God should be based on our actions of obedience and allegiance to him. Overall, the message encourages us to seek to glorify God and bear fruits of righteousness as true disciples of Jesus Christ.

Scripture References

  1. Matthew 10
  2. Acts 6:9-2
  3. James 2:17-18
  4. Matthew 28:16-20
  5. John 8:31-32
  6. Luke 14:26

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