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Blessed To Be A Vessel For Spreading Blessings

By: Dr. Kahenya

Here's a summary of the sermon

In this sermon, the speaker discusses the concept of being a deacon, which comes from a Greek word meaning "to serve." He then references Genesis 12:1-3, which suggests that the blessings of God are intended to be shared with all.

The speaker goes on to discuss how to be a blessing to others, offering several suggestions. He encourage listeners to pray for others, meet their needs by giving to them, be thoughtful, speak kind words, offer a listening ear, and volunteer. He also references Philippians 2:4 and Luke 6:38 in support of these ideas.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of being plugged into the Holy Spirit and the word of God, referencing John 15:6-7. Finally, He suggest that being a deacon, or servant, means being willing to serve others and share God's blessings with them.

Scripture References

  • Gen 12:1-3 Verse
  • Romans 12:6-8
  • Philippians 2:4
  • Luke 6:38
  • Prov 16 Matthew 5:16
  • John 15:6-7

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