About Music Ministry

Music is one of the strongest ministries within CCI Joy Family Church. The purpose of the Ministry is to lead the congregation in worship in spirit and truth (John 4:23). The ministry is open to any member of the church who has the gift of music and is willing to use it in the ministry. The ministry consists of three units namely:

Praise and worship joy family church

Praise & Worship Team

It was formed in 1992. The team leads praise and worship in all services and during all official church functions both within and outside Joy Family Church. It has an active membership of 30 songbirds. The team does its practice and preparation for services on Saturday mornings.

Joy Builders Choir

The choir was formed in 1991, and currently it has an active membership of 20 gifted singers. The choir minsters in the mid-service section during offering time. The choir nurtures music talent right from Sunday School. It offers the young choir members the opportunity to minister together with their more experienced colleagues both in the church and outside functions. The Joy Builders choir is one of the most vibrant and dynamic music teams within the entire CCI denomination. It has brought home numerous trophies for outstanding performances in local, regional and CCI Diocese Music contests. The Choir holds its practice sessions mainly after services on Sundays.

Joy Builders Choir
Joy Builders Choir

Golden Voices

This is Joy Family premier music team, comprising of golden ladies, most of whom have being with CCI Joy Family Church since its earlier days. Golden voices is a vibrant team that worships the Lord in song and dance in Swahili and local languages.

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